Who are we?

A modern entrepreneur is challenged with many tasks, like how to start a business with little money, where to find professional personnel, how to find a supplier you can trust, how to cover all the losses and keep your head above water, and how to comply with all the requirements of the regulatory institutions, including those in the field of anti-money laundering (AML/CTPF).
ML/TPF risks are the risks you cannot see and cannot touch, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Money laundering often goes hand in hand with smuggling, illegal arms trade, embezzlement, insider trading, corruption, cybercrime schemes. That risk exposure also includes organized crime, like human trafficking, smuggling of arms or drugs, organized sex trade.
However, entrepreneurs often do not pay proper attention to ML/TPF and sanctions lists, which is largely due to lack of resources. But one should always keep in mind that each entrepreneur must assess their risks of being involved in a scheme of illicit transactions or sanctions’ violation, because one could even be unaware of that, which will inevitably result in fines, lost reputation, criminal prosecution or even jail time.
If each and every one of us took their time and effort to mitigate ML/TPF risks, this problem on a global scale would be less of an issue.
Keep in mind that with every step you make to mitigate ML/TPF risks, you help the world to take one more step in combatting ML/TPF.
Our objective is to ensure that using our quick and convenient high-quality services you are in compliance with all the KYC requirements set by respective law.
We will help you to identify and manage the ML/TPF and sanctions risks, allowing you to focus on other, no less important matters of your core business.
Our team consists of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (CAMS) having more than 10 years of experience in the field of compliance with AML/TPF and Sanctions Law for companies that are subjects of these laws.
In the course of our professional experience, we have been cooperating both with local companies and organisations, and with well-known companies and advisors on the international market.

Implemented projects:

Representing the client

Representing the interests of the client in the course of independent reviews carried out by supervising institutions in companies offering outsourced accounting and legal services.

Full cycle of customer due diligence

Customer due diligence both for local and foreign companies, which are fully or partially subject to AML/CTPF law and/or Sanctions Law. Due diligence includes identification and assessment of possible AML/CTPF and sanctions risks, as well as assessment of all kinds of information that may affect client’s risk level.

Implementing Internal Controls

Full or partial implementation of compliance with AML/CTPF law and Sanctions Law in local companies operating in the field of outsourced accounting services, mediation in real estate transactions, legal and tax advisory.

Checking client database against sanctions lists

Checking gambling operator’s client database against sanctions lists, processing of the matches and drafting a report, as well as compiling “Guidelines on Sanctions”.

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