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Process the matches of sanctions screening (if any) and confirm the risk assessment.

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Outsource accountants
Real estate intermediaries
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Legal service providers
Logistics and transportation service providers
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Atbilst platform is a convenient tool to fulfill your obligations according to AML/CTPF law and perform KYC/CDD checks in one place

  • Digital Customer Research Questionnaires that match platform user's industry
  • Customer representative remote identification
  • Simple screening of individuals against sanctions lists*
  • Checking of persons registered in Latvia in State Revenue Service (SRS) databases and downloading data of related persons from the Enterprise Register for sanctions screening
  • Regular (daily) sanctions screening
  • Convenient processing of sanctions list matches, data collection and storage
  • ML/TPF risk assessment tool
  • Possibility to engage Atbilst specialists at different stages of KYC/CDD/EDD with a 10% discount

Determine partner country’s risk

Check whether you are subject to AML/CPTF Law

Rates and charges

Platform user's account
Client questionnaires and check results are stored in the platform user's account
Unlimited number of persons to check
One-time screening against LV, EU, UN, OFAC, UK sanctions lists for a single person or list of persons (csv file upload)
Additional checks in the the State Revenue Service (SRS) databases
Company's data download from the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia.
Downloading data on the officials, shareholders, beneficiaries of legal entities registered in Latvia from the Register of Enterprises and screening against the sanctions lists.
Regular (daily) screening against LV, EU, UN, OFAC, UK sanctions lists
In case of a match found, the platform's user shall receive a match notification to their email
Processing of sanctions screening matches and history of performed checks
Sanctions screening using API connection
Results of the processing of matches carried out by the user are stored in the user's account
KYC/CDD online questionnaires and client identification assistance tool
Client AML/CTPF risk assessment
Checking in the databases of the State Revenue Service, register of invalid documents (only for LV residents), determining geography and ML/TPF risk
Development of individual questionnaires and screening protocols. Client questionnaires can be modified, adapting them more to the platform user's business activity.
SIA "Regulatīvās Tehnoloģijas"
Reg. No. 40203311340,
VAT payer’s No. LV40203311340
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LV 1010.

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